General License Information

After payment of the order, a serial number will be sent to you by e-mail. It shall be entered at module settings page. The serial number relates to the version your purchased on nopCommerce and has a validity of 1 year. We continue to update all our plugins and themes. To get new updates after a year, you will need to upgrade your license.


1. Can I use the unregistered version?

Yes, only if the plugin is classified as Free or Freemium in our store.

2. Can I use the product, if the term of my license has already expired (more than a year after payment)?

Yes, you can use the product after 1 year after purchase. If you have bought Multiple domain license, you can install the product on the new websites. The main condition is that the release date of NopCommerce is not after the date of your license expiration.

3. I do not know the address of my future website, what should I do?

If you do not know the address of your future website, you can buy Multiple domain license and use the plugin for any number of web sites.

4. What is the difference between Single domain license from Multiple domain license?

Using Single domain license, you can install the product only on one website. Using Multiple domain license, you can install the product on an unlimited number of websites/domains.

5. If I use Multistore, can only buy Single domain license?

Yes, you can buy Single domain license for one of the domains/websites. At the time of purchase, enter any of the website addresses.


You use Multistore for websites,, To register, you can use any of these addresses.

6. What Url should I use when purchasing Multiple domain license?

When you buy Multiple domain license, you can enter any Url, but we recommend entering the Url which will help identifying you in the future. For example,  Url of your company.

7. Do I have to register to purchase the product?

No, you do not have to. The product can be purchased without registering. But we recommend you to register, it will be easier for you to renew the license in the future.

8. How much will it cost to renew the license?

All users can upgrade their license with 50% discount. A discount offer will be valid 1 year after the expiration of the license. After this period, you will have to buy a full license again.

9. How can I update my license?

All users can update their license. Click Downloadable Products link in your profile. You will see a list of purchased products. Click Renew for a product which license you want to update.

10. What is a renew of my product?

After renewal of the license, a new serial number will be sent to you. This serial number can be used for older versions of NopCommerce, and new ones which will be released over the next year.

11. I bought your product, but have not registered it, how can I prolong my license?

Contact support at and inform Url of the website which you have purchased a license for. We will help you.

12. I bought Single domain license and want to try the operation of a full version at my test server. What should I do?

Contact support at and inform Url of the website which you have purchased a license for, as well as Url of the website that you use for testing. We will gladly help you.